Sunday, 14 November 2010

Enhance your comfort level with TV brackets

TV brackets are designed to improve the viewing experience of the user. Apart from being attractive, they allow users to adjust the TV according to their own personal preference.

TV brackets have a number of benefits. They protect the TV from damage by mounting it out of reach of children and pets. They gel well with most types of interior décor schemes and colour schemes, to enhance the overall appearance of your home.

There are various types of TV brackets available on the market. These include:

Flush TV wall mounts

If you are looking for a bracket to mount your TV in a stationary position, you can opt for flush TV wall mounts. These brackets are small in size and hide perfectly behind your TV. It should be noted, however, that these TV wall mounts do not allow the user to access the wires connecting the TV.

Tilting TV wall mounts

Tilt TV wall brackets are one of the commonly used mounts in most modern homes. These brackets allow the user to adjust the TV vertically by 15 degrees. Unlike flush TV mounts, these brackets allow the user to access the cables connecting the TV without having to dismount the bracket.

Cantilever TV wall mounts

If it’s functionality that you need, cantilever wall mounts are up to the job. This bracket offers maximum movement for the TV with a 180 degree rotation and up to 15 degrees vertical tilting.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Two major benefits of using LCD TV brackets

LCD TV brackets are support accessories required for all flat screen televisions. Most people do not invest the proper time in choosing the right TV brackets for their LCD TVs – this is a mistake. As well as supporting your TV safely and securely, TV brackets also offer the following benefits:

Health benefits

Some people spend a lot of money buying luxurious homes and decorating them with the latest designs. However, when it comes to televisions, they do not have much of a choice. They are forced to keep it in a fixed position and strain their back and neck to get the best viewing angle.

With LCD TV brackets, viewers no longer have to over-exert their back and neck just to see the TV screen clearly. These brackets come with additional flexibility so viewers can adjust the angle of the TV screen in any direction they like. This allows viewers to watch the TV comfortably while lying on the sofa or the bed, or just sitting on the couch.


You will be surprised at the amount of space saved by LCD TV brackets. Once you mount your LCD TV using these brackets, you will not feel like going back to the traditional way of placing your TV.

When your TV is wall mounted with LCD TV brackets, a lot of your floor space is left unoccupied. You can use this free space to keep other furniture items or leisure equipment, or simply leave the space idle to create a spacious, uncluttered feel in your room.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

TV brackets: the best alternative to traditional TV stands

Unlike traditional television stands, wall mounts are manufactured considering the needs of the latest technology, i.e. LCD and LED TVs. As these TVs are one-time, expensive purchases, you need to protect them to ensure their long life. This is easily achieved by mounting your TV on TV brackets.

Here are a few other reasons why you should choose them over other TV stands:

They keep your television set safe

TV brackets allow you to mount your TV on the wall at a safe height, preferably just out of reach of children and pets. Flexible wall mounts give you the liberty of adjusting the viewing angle without actually shifting the TV from one place to another. Moving your TV all the time can damage the cables and wires attached to it, so avoid doing this by using TV brackets.

They make the room appear clean and clutter-free

TV brackets are installed on walls. This clears up a considerable amount of floor space that can be utilised for other useful purposes. All the wires and cables are properly managed by wall mounts, so that the TV and surrounding areas have a tidy, organised appearance.

They are manufactured with the needs of your TV in mind

You can find TV brackets that are made specifically to suit the features of the TV you own. For example, ultra slim TV brackets for LCD TVs and LED wall mounts for LED backlight TVs. You can therefore enjoy every feature of the TV to the fullest, a benefit you just don’t get with traditional TV stands.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Why should you install your flat screen TV on ultra slim TV brackets?

Modern flat screen TVs are becoming slimmer by the day, to meet increasing consumer demands for the sleekest, most sophisticated looking models. Installing these flat screens on TV stands or any other piece of furniture is simply not suitable; it occupies unnecessary space and gives a cluttered look to the room.

The answer? Ultra slim TV brackets, designed to match the wall-mounting specifications of razor-thin LCD TVs. If you are planning to buy a flat screen TV, especially an LCD or Plasma TV, make sure to mount it on ultra slim TV brackets. Here’s why:

They don’t occupy extra space

Once you install your flat screen TV on these TV brackets, it almost disappears into its surroundings. It becomes difficult to make out the ultra slim TV bracket sitting between the wall and the TV.

They’re flexible

It is a myth that ultra slim TV brackets are not flexible. Looking at their thickness, people think that ultra slim wall mounts cannot move when in fact, they have a long arm attachment which can be pulled out to move the TV screen if desired.

You can find them in different sizes

LCD TVs are available in different sizes, and so are ultra slim TV brackets. Some of the standard screen sizes are 13 - 24 inch, 25 - 42 inch and 36 - 70 inch. You can therefore find the perfect sized ultra slim TV bracket for your flat screen TV.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Different TV brackets available for flat panel TVs

Most people consider buying LCD TVs due to their myriad of benefits. However, it should be noted that mounting your LCD TV on the wall will offer an enhanced viewing experience, along with the obvious aesthetic benefits. A good quality wall mount will ensure that your expensive unit is placed out of reach of children and pets.

There are many different kinds of LCD TV wall brackets available. Before setting out to buy a set of mounts for your TV, ensure that you gain more information on the different types so that you get an idea of the right one for your home.

Mentioned below are some of the different types of TV wall brackets available on the market:

Flush wall mount: These are the cheapest forms of TV mounts available. They are easy to install and hold your television in place firmly. These wall mounts are ideal for homes with smaller rooms as they hide discretely behind the TV and give your room a contemporary feel.

Tilting mount: These mounts are also fairly common in modern homes. They may not hide as perfectly as flush TV mounts but they offer the user a choice for adjusting the viewing angle. The movement is usually vertical, as you can easily tilt the TV up to 20 degrees upwards.

Full motion mounts/ Swivel mounts: These brackets are expensive compared to other brackets. They consist of a long arm that aids in adjusting the angle of the TV set. As the TV is approximately 20" away from the wall, you can effectively rotate the TV and also access the cables at the back of the television. This feature is not available for other basic LCD TV wall brackets.

Friday, 15 October 2010

LCD TV wall mounts: benefits and purchasing tips

Almost everyone nowadays owns an LCD TV, but all of them know that to ensure an improved viewing experience, it is necessary to install the TV at an appropriate height and in the right place. The type of bracket purchased to do this should also be considered, as there are many different types now available.

The advantages of installing LCD TV wall mounts

There are a myriad of benefits to having a wall mounted LCD TV, the most notable being the floor space it allows you to save. In earlier days, TVs used to occupy quite a bit of space, but the introduction of brackets has meant that this space can now be utilised for other purposes.

LCD TV wall brackets also help to mount the TV at a height, thereby keeping it safe from damage, especially if there are pets or children in the house. By mounting the LCD TV at a height, you can enjoy your favourite movie or sports match at a better viewing angle.

Smart tips to help you choose the right LCD wall mounts

LCD TVs have changed the entertainment and viewing experience completely, so that high definition images and videos are now possible. You can further enhance your viewing pleasure by purchasing the right type of TV bracket.

For example, if you have smaller rooms, you can opt for flush TV mounts. These brackets are well hidden and mount the TV perfectly flat on the wall. For people with larger rooms, swivel TV brackets are the ideal choice. These brackets consist of long arms that make it possible for the owner to adjust the viewing angle depending on personal preference.

The type of wall on which the TV will be mounted should also be considered. A damp wall is not an ideal place.

One final tip: wall brackets should be checked for their strength and durability.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

TV wall brackets – the basics

TV wall mounts are extremely popular at the moment, chiefly due to the ease in which users can use them to mount their TVs on the wall like a picture frame. They help to enhance the décor of the home, creating a sophisticated, contemporary vibe in any room they are placed in. Appealing aesthetic qualities aside, TV brackets also improve the user’s viewing angle and protect the TV from damage.

There are a number of things to consider when installing TV wall brackets - which room you want it in, the quality of the wall, height and the sorting of cables and wires, to name just a few.

Benefits of using TV wall brackets

TV wall brackets have a significant advantage over TV stands - they free up space, thereby giving your room a minimalist, uncluttered look. What’s more, flat screen televisions mounted properly on the wall like a picture frame only protrude a few inches, so your room’s stylish décor needn’t be obstructed by a bulky TV and chunky fittings.

TV brackets also mount your TV at a height to enhance the viewing experience for the whole family, whilst also protecting your TV set from damage should there be boisterous pets or children present in the house.

TV brackets are found in most modern homes. Flat TV mount, tilting TV brackets and swivel mounts are some of the most popular types of TV wall brackets present on the market today. You should choose one according to your needs and preferences.